Telecom operator

  • operator Telecom since 2004, Euro First Multimedia proposes solutions to the following problems: - opening of telephone lines in 27 countries - opening lines "Premium Rate" and collects revenue in 27 countries - establishment of professional services on SVI

    1 - Opening of telephone lines in 27 countries:

    Thanks to VoIP, Euro First Multimedia offers its customers to route calls from or to 27 destinations. The minute costs do not exceed a few cents / minute by routing voice over IP calls.

    2 - Opening of lines "Premium Rate" and collection of revenues in 27 countries:

    The lines "Premium Rate" are to pay a higher price than a service communication to the local user. In France, these numbers are 99 08 or 08 92...... for example. Euro First Multimedia proposes "Premium Rate", but also with SMS Premium lines in 27 countries. EFM offers excellent payouts, variable according to the volumes. EFM is responsible for the collection abroad and administrative procedures. You choose the country in which you wish to be present, you select your tariff levels, then you just have to launch your products, EFM takes care of the rest. EFM advises you on the landing to choose depending on your product.

    3 - Set up professional service on IVR:

    Thanks to the capabilities of its servers, EFM offers professional services, telephone standard type with a strong capacity for absorption of concurrent calls. EFM provides lines for contests with massive calls over a short period.

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