Pay per view DVD

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    Lock & Pay is the essential system for any company selling or disseminating videos DVDs. World's leading pay-per-view DVD, Lock & Pay is the only method to allow you to monetize and increase significantly your DVD sales. Lock & Pay ® is a process that allows to block access of some or all programs engraved on a DVD making this accessible part to only users who know the access code. thus, the producer can propose this additional content against a micro payment by SMS or phone call premium rate.
    Lock & Pay ® is a patent pending whose Euro First Multimedia has acquired the exclusive worldwide license. Lock & Pay offers its customers generate the additional turnover without no fees or investment.

    Lock & Pay is the only Pay per view on DVD solution capable to accompany you the creation in the marketing of your DVD / Blu - ray project. our advantages: no fees, offered authoring, distribution to 10 days. Our company you accompanies and helps you depreciate your DVD pressings. Lock & Pay is present in 28 countries and offers access to nearly 700 million potential users. France, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, England...

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