Search Marketing

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    Your ad campaign management

    EFWA you shoulder in the implementation of your online advertising campaigns, and brings you a powerful and effective visibility strategy.
    EFWA after a comprehensive study of your targets and your goals helps you to optimize to the maximum your budget.
    all media and networks can be considered to spread your campaigns, engine research, Google, Bing, Yahoo, ISP, video Tube, thematic Portal etc... our objectives: full analysis of your future campaign, eradication of the shortcomings of your sites and products, definition of customer targeting, choice of broadcast media, writing and optimization of ads etc...

    Case to the optimized click

    Through ultra fine and management optimized cost click, EFWA allows you to establish an adjustable auction management manually and by our teams daily (human is at the heart of this profession because no software can process this data). Every click becomes profitable, thanks to a decrease in the cost to the click. we also adopt a different strategy by search engine. we also define groups of key words and specific auction according to their relevance and profitability.

    Financial tracking in real time

    Thanks to our high-performance ultra traking tools and thanks to our mastery of google analytic, we provide you with a traking real-time tools that will allow you to view all the information you need in one click. Definition of objectives, indicators by country, search by keyword, type etc... our conversion tools also helps you to have a detailed view of your CA by campaign, keyword and by geographic area. you can have in a second full analysis of your return on investment.

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