Voice services

  • Euro First Multimédia is specialized since 2004 in voice services. incoming calls are a charge for each company.
    our voice services to transform this charge in source of profit Hotlines, customers, standard Services. Use premium rate numbers. every dial, every minute will turn into repayment for your business.
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    Standards : replace your number of phone home by a premium rate number and each incoming call on your standard will generate profit.
    Hotlines : your business requires the establishment of a hotline expensive? Share these costs through the 08 99 level with appellants users...
    Customer Service : following hours, overtaxed calls can be routed to human assistance or returned to an interactive voice server able to solve basic problems.
    SVI : Euro First Multimedia develops an interactive voice server specially designed for your needs. It meets the most recurrent basic questions of your customers and thus discharge your customer service of a large part of incoming calls, while leveraging best.
    your IVR can have a 'gate output' to a customer Adviser if the nature of the problem requires it. but, according to the schedule or your will, the IVR can also be customized to meet the needs of customers in an autonomous way. once installed, an IVR application or maintenance, no charges recurring, it becomes a source of income that requires no attention or no expenses. the power of Euro First Multimedia servers allows the treatment of many calls simultaneously if necessary.

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